Whether you choose to use our already registered, tried and tested flavours of vape juices or create your own completely unique flavours, our team of design experts is:

here to help you create a recognisable E-LIQUID brand that sells

Should you choose this option, your brand will be registered with the MHRA as a sub-brand of ours.
This means:

  • There will be no charge to yourself for registering your products, which saves you the £150 per sku MHRA registration fee.
  • You will only have to pay a one off fee of £50 + VAT to cover the cost of preparing and submitting your data to the MHRA
  • We will generally register our entire product range (and new flavours as they become available) under your brand with the appropriate regulatory bodies
  • All your ECID numbers will start with 00001 (our submitter ID)
  • All your 10ml products that contain nicotine will be TPD and GPSR compliant and listed on the MHRA website
  • All zero nicotine products (10ml, shortfill and tallfill) will be GPSR compliant and listed on ADACT Medical’s zero.expert database
  • All labels will comply with applicable CLP standards


  • Our Design Service is completely free of charge but you must place your order before work starts
  • There is no additional charge for our OEM service. You pay our standard prices for each product within our normal price breaks
  • The MOQ for OEM product is 50 bottles per flavour per strength

If you want to create your own unique flavours, full toxicological assessment will be required and the products will need to be registered  with the MHRA if they contain nicotine.  Please discuss this with our sales department who will advise you of the necessary processes and the potentially substantial costs involved.

If you already have nicotine containing products registered with the MHRA and simply want us to manufacture them for you, again contact our sales department.