Short Fill

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Something is missing but it definitely isn't the flavour of ripe fruits.

Popular rolling tobacco 5x50ml

This flavour will sneak up on you and give you chills.

Sharp, sweet, crisp green apples 5x50ml

A sweet cola flavour with menthol that adds a bit of fizz to the pallet 5x50ml

A whipped cream banana tart.

Sweet taste of bananas 5x50ml

A Caramel Wafer Crisp covered in smooth Milk Chocolate.

Pure black cherries 5x50ml

Blackcurrant mixed with menthol 5x50ml

Buttermilk Pancake with Maple Syrup and a handful of blackberries.

Just like the drink of the same name 5x50ml

Blueberries mixed with menthol
(Arctic Blueberry)

Blueberry and Raspberry fizzy, sour sweet.

An American style donut with a blueberry frosting.

Explosive blueberry sweetness 5x50ml

Don’t get caught drunk on duty with the Bourbon liquid.

Blast open your taste buds with this Melba flavoured liquid.

Juicy, fruity hubba-bubba 5x50ml

Creamy and delicious 5x50ml