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Popular rolling tobacco 10x10ml

Sharp, sweet, crisp green apples 10x10ml

Blueberries mixed with menthol 10x10ml

A sweet cola flavour with menthol that adds a bit of fizz to the pallet 10x10ml

Sweet taste of bananas 10x10ml

Pure black cherries 10x10ml

Blackcurrant mixed with menthol 10x10ml

Just like the drink of the same name 10x10ml

Explosive blueberry sweetness 10x10ml

Juicy, fruity hubba-bubba 10x10ml

Creamy and delicious 10x10ml

A chewy caramel treat 10x10ml

Delightful cherry twang 10x10ml

Refreshing just like the drink 10x10ml

Soothing, cooling, balanced blend 10x10ml

A smooth, quality cigar experience 10x10ml

Citrus explosion 10x10ml

Subtle tropical sweetness 10x10ml

A taste of the Caribbean 10x10ml

The world's best selling soda 10x10ml