High VG

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Sharp, sweet, crisp green apples 10x10ml

Blueberries mixed with menthol 10x10ml

Sweet taste of bananas 10x10ml

Blackcurrant mixed with menthol 10x10ml

Explosive blueberry sweetness 10x10ml

Juicy, fruity hubba-bubba 10x10ml

Refreshing just like the drink 10x10ml

Soothing, cooling, balanced blend 10x10ml

The world's best selling soda 10x10ml

Soothing, cooling, balanced blend 10x10ml

Tantalising berries from the forest 10x10ml

Your favourite chewy sweet 10x10ml

A fruity grape and blackcurrant drink 10x10ml

Famous liquorice sweets 10x10ml

Zesty lemon zing 10x10ml

Sweet, juicy and tropical 10x10ml

A refreshingly cool vape 10x10ml

Classic and powerful energy drink 10x10ml

Sweet and tropical 10x10ml

Freshly picked ripe sweet raspberries 10x10ml