Zero Nicotine Products (Short-Fills) are covered by the UK 2005 General Products Safety Regulations (GPRS) and not the TPD.  This means that you cannot sell any zero nicotine products including any size of shortfill unless they have been assessed for ‘in-use’ safety.

Trading Standards enforcement officers have now linked the banned ingredients listed in national standards with compliance of GPSR and have begun enforcement. In addition the MHRA have stated that using the TPD as a due diligence process is a robust method of ensuring zero nicotine products are safe for the consumer / GPSR compliant.

Zero nicotine containing products need to be reviewed in accordance with the TPD or the BSI PAS document for electronic cigarettes. They need to undergo a full technical assessment.

This technical assessment requires a review of the detailed formulation of the product for toxicology and the conduct of emission tests of the liquid with nicotine in it.

All our zero nicotine containing products are listed on This is a national register of safety-assessed short-fill products maintained by ADACT Medical Ltd.  Only products that meet the required standard can be listed here.